Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Art of Homemaking

All women 18 years and out of high school in our church belong to Relief Society. It's founding in 1842 makes it one of the oldest women's organizations in the world and its purpose is to lift up the weary and strengthen the weak. On a more personal level, it is also to teach eternal principles of the gospel to women in a safe setting (women-only) and help them on their way to perfection.

For no good reason, I just don't like the company of women. Is it their sing-song, high-pitched voices? Is it their focus on things I just don't care about to the degree they do? Is it that I don't like focusing on differences in gender roles and I just want my husband to help clean up the house because IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO? I don't know and that's more a reflection on me than on anyone else. Most women love Relief Society. I am one of those that prefers the lessons of the priesthood instead. Ugh.

It's fitting then that my new calling at church is in Relief Society.God has a sense of humor. I am now the RS Meeting Coordinator. Once a quarter, we are supposed to have a meeting where we have a spiritual learning experience in a social setting. For those who have been around a while, it's just Homemaking in a new frock!

I have a friend in another ward (congregation) whom I enjoy visiting. I went to Mary Jo's house last week and told her about my new calling. Then I told her I hated Relief Society. Speaking as a past RS President, she said, "And that's why you are in that calling." Urgh.

And then she gave me these books:

The middle books is called "How to Be a Perfect Wife and Other Myths." Mary Jo has a sense of humor. My favorite one is shown at the top of this post.

I was brought in as coordinator to take over a previously planned meeting. This month is going to be Earthquake Preparedness. Next Saturday (October 18th) at 11am in the RS room, we're going to be learning about earthquake preparedness and protection. My table decorations are going to awe you.

In a meeting I had with the RS counselor I'm under, I told her my concerns about RS and how I don't feel I fit in. It turns out that she shares my concerns because SHE HAS THEM, TOO. We want meatier gospel topics and things that are more practical for the lives we are living right now. I suggested focusing on Elder Bednar's talk about sharing the gospel by example through social media. She thought it was great. Yay! I'm fitting in!

My reality is that I don't like Relief Society because I am an imperfect person. My choice is that I am going to do my best in this calling. I am going to use my gifts (art, writing, speaking, social media) to promote the gospel and share goodness.

To all of my friends who live in Bakersfield, please come to Relief Society. Everything is better with friends!